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Palm Pre And Google Contacts Sync Becoming Another iTunes Conspiracy?

I spent another few hours with my Pre today to try and get all gmail contacts back.  It’s been about four days spent in the past week since the 1.3.5(.1) Web OS update that I’ve been trying to perfectly personalize my Pre.

In the past week I’ve conducted two Web OS Doctorings and one partial rest. I’ve EPRd unsuccessfully. Four times.  Resulting in my most recent doctoring today. I’ve unistalled and re-installed several different profiles. For contacts and for calenders.

I thought my device was working perfectly (despite the duplicate contacts) until I did a search for my brother-in-law.  Then a search for a buddy I talk to a lot.  To no avail.

Then I did a search for others and realized that I only had 767 of my more than 1400 google contacts show up in my phone.  Then I realized a newly-added contact in my phone didn’t transfer to gmail nor did it show up in my Pre when a new contact was added in my desktop.

It’s become extremely frustrating!  My phone not having all of my contacts.  I posted and answered a few posts on Precentral about this issue and realize I’m not alone.  There are several others who are having this problem without getting many answers.  There was a recent fiz for the calender not syncing, but nothing about contacts.

It looks like Facebook paid its bills to Palm because my entire (1200+) Facebook friends show up with no problem (many w/o phone numbers–why do I even need that?).  Same goes for LinkedIn, all of those relations show up to.

Conspiracy?  Google’s new Nexus One , the latest “iPhone Killer” was announced today at CES.  How do you think the syncing is going to be with that phone and gmail’s contact list?

I’ve really been hoping that Palm addresses this issue soon.  In fact, after my last doctoring today, I got excited with the hope that the update to .1 was the fix.

I’m beginning to lose a little faith in the company I’ve had so much faith in since its 3Com days!  

I hope they fix my google contacts soon and don’t potentially allow this to become another iTunes and Apple issue because unlike iTunes, I really need my contacts!

By the way, I’ve just gone into dev mode again and plan on installing all previously installed patches tonight.   For those concerned about “bricking your Pre,” it’s impossible!  For now, I’m going to call this a love/hate relationship.

8 comments to Palm Pre And Google Contacts Sync Becoming Another iTunes Conspiracy?

  • I believe I finally found the fix!

    After a couple more full erases and a doctor, it still didn’t sync all 1200+ contacts. So, I exported all of my gmail contacts to a .csv file and re-imported into gmail contacts. Then got rid of duplicates and all seem to be imported.


  • Uh, nope. That didn’t work. Don’t merge contacts in gmail and it works. I think?

  • Well… needless to say, neither of those worked. I think in the end, what really worked (as I’ve deleted and re-added my gmail profile for the umpteenth time, was removing any groups you might have created in gmail contacts and for the groups that could not be deleted, select all contacts in that group and remove those from the group. I’m anticipating this working as it finally should because I deleted 40 or so contacts who were listed in a group and the showed up yesterday in my Pre.

    Also, as a side-note. After my fourth doctor yesterday, I had a problem installing Preware onto my Pre. Although all other apps worked and I had access to the cataloge (and d/l a 3d racing game from EA, Preware would not install via usb. I know the usb worked because there was a connection there and I could transfer all files no problem.

    What finally worked was:
    Remove all Patches and Themes – With WebOS Quick Install:
    1. Remove any theme: Click Tools → Themer → Revert to Default
    2. Remove patches: Click Tools → Tweaks → Run EPR → Luna Restart

    From milominderbinder here:

    Thanks again!!!!

  • Okay, next time I write an update, I promise to actually wait to see if a complete import worked! After all was said and done, I still only had 815 of my 1200+ contacts show up, so the above un-install, and removing groups didn’t work for me.

    What did work, however, was a suggestion by dodgebusta in this Precentral forum post: which mentions exporting and emailing a vCard of your contacts to an email address on your Pre and opening.

    Thank you!!!

  • admin

    Thought that was going to work. Which it did. I now have all contacts in my phone (and then some). I’m up to over 2,000 contacts, but still only show about 1200 in gmail contacts.

    When I did a new contact test in both my Pre and my desktop, the one from my desktop shows up on both, but the one I entered on my Pre only shows up on my Pre. Hence, any new contact added on my phone still DOES NOT SYNC!!!!

    Really pissed!

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  • FINALLY! FINALLY!!! Working perfectly now. The fix for me was exporting a vCard from gmail and deleting all contacts in gmail. I removed the gmail account from my contacts list. Then I emailed the vCard to an address I receive through my Pre. I added my gmail account back to my Pre (with zero contacts) and madeit my default account. I then opened the vCard on my Pre and synced accounts. And perfect!

    first, however, I tried to open the vCard on my desktop gmail client, but again only about half of the contacts showed up on my Pre. Don’t do that! Contacts flow from the Pre to my gmail account perfectly now! And vice-versa!

    Now I have the perfect device again!!!

  • Quintus

    I recently had to switch out my Pre for a new one and I could not get all my contacts to sync from Google Contacts. I have over 4,000 contacts (clients, business associates, colleagues etc….). It was driving me nuts. I did some research online and some people were saying that one of the added features in one of the updated ROMs was Google Talk and that it was buggy. I’ve never added this account but when I went to the IM app, I noticed that my Google contacts account was there. Probably added automatically when I added the Google Contacts account. Anyways….I deleted my gmail account from both the contacts app and the IM app (which takes forever as the contacts are deleted one-by-one in the background). Once my Pre was completely wiped of all Google Contacts, I then re-added my Google Contacts account in the Contacts App which automatically started the sync process. It also added Google Talk to the IM app. I launched the IM app and immediately deleted the Google Talk account in the IM app. After about 2.5 hours, syncing on the home WiFi network, all of my Google Contacts were in my Pre.

    Whatever the problem is, it has something to do with Google Talk interfering with the sync process.

    Hope this helps others!

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